Monday, August 8, 2011

Campus Life Revived

Colleges are gearing up to get back in session.  Sororities & fraternities are abuzz with recruitment right around the corner.  I am thrilled to unveil a refreshed and enhanced sorority house on the University of Kentucky campus to you!! When this project began, we had a house with good bones but a major need some enhancing.  A group of great advisers recognized that areas of the house were outdated and wanted to change that for the women who live in the house.  A mere 5 weeks later, the finished product was a dramatic difference.  Here are a few photos to show you the contrast and a few tips you can apply yourself. (Photos to the above left are before; below right are after).

Living room: Large spaces can accommodate multiple seat groupings instead of spreading furniture out throughout the room.  This makes the space feel more welcoming and gives it greater purpose.  

 For a custom look without the custom price, use two short drapery rods in lieu of one long one above doorways or large windows.  This avoids a rod looking minimal in comparison to the window.


Foyer: An open space that is predominantly used as a pass-through can be revved up with a nice light fixture and a furniture grouping.  The room is still large enough to walk through and now the traffic pattern is more clearly defined.

TV Room: Goodbye boxy big screen and hello sleek flat screen.  This room is where all the girls gather to watch their favorite shows.  Additional seating with a bit of whimsy makes the room more lively.  Removing and rearranging some of the composites on the wall allows the space to feel more open, as well.

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