Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Football Time in the Bluegrass!

College football season kicks off this week and I couldn’t be more excited as I head to Nashville for a UK game.  Well……let me back up for just a minute, because those who know me will call “shenanigans” on my last statement.  It is not really the game of football that I am excited about (this becomes painfully obvious when I am spotted reading US Weekly during the first quarter of the game or using my binoculars to spot my friends on the other side of the stadium throughout the second half).  It is the weekly appointment for tailgating that gets my heart racing!  My husband and I have our season football tickets, our parking pass and a group of friends that we gather with each week during the season.  We have affectionately started calling ourselves The Liftgaters because none of us has a truck with a tailgate, instead we all drive SUVs with hatches that lift upward. 

In the South tailgating is a big deal and these products that I’ve recently spotted are sure to enhance any tailgate situation! 

Melamine plates & platters.  I devoted an entire blog post to melamine dishes earlier this year and I still adore them!  Just last night I was at Target swooning over a blue & white Ikat pattern.  Who needs porcelain and ceramic dishes that can break or chip when you have durable, practical and most of all beautiful melamine dishware!  There are a few companies who offer these products with collegiate logos for those die-hard fans.

Chandelier.  I was flipping through the pages of my Southern Living magazine when I first layed eyes on this.  Love at first sight (minus the color scheme).  I suddenly felt inspired to help hubby find an old school bus to convert into a tailgate bus on the condition that I could have this fixture gracing the ceiling!

UK Plaid.  I have also focused a past blog post on this product line.  I feel compelled to support this student-driven project at the University of Kentucky, not only because it stems from my major but also because the products are so darn cute!  I know I am biased since I chair the advisory committee but take a look at them yourself.  I bet when I walk past your tailgate tent this Fall, it will be adorned with the tablecloth, a crowd of koozies, tote bags, a grill mit and apron. 

Happy tailgating!

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