Monday, August 15, 2011

Make Way for Gray

I will admit that in the past when I thought of gray a lot of drab, dreary and prison-like images came to mind.  Most ladies tend to freak out when someone utters that color name because we dread the day when it will take up residence on our hair follicles.  But I have been converted to become a big fan of this color (for decorating, not on my hair).  Shades of gray are popping up in rooms all over and people are loving it.  No longer is the shade only a cool and institutional color.  It has warmth, it can neutralize, and it can offer gorgeous contrast to other colors.  Everyone can find a gray that suits their style- from silvery shades to deep charcoal tones.  If you want to see what this color can do, check out some of my favorite gray paints from Sherwin Williams:
Cityscape 7067
Dovetail 7018
Mineral Deposit 7652
Pavestone 7642

There are thousands more beyond what I listed, but these are some of my personal favorites that will compliment almost any design plan. If painting the walls are not an option, consider adding throw pillows in a deep slate.  Or how about a gunmetal gray side chair with a colorful throw draped off the back??  You can really go wild with this color.

So go ahead....I dare you to go gray!

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