Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Polka Dots, Checks & Stripes...YIKES!

Do you remember this song?  It was a silly tune on one of the kid’s stations (Disney or Nickelodeon, etc) when I was growing up.  The music video showed a girl who made very bold fashion choices.  She mixed a polka dot skirt with striped leggings and a checkered shirt.  The video chronicled the baffled reactions she received from her parents, classmates and people driving down the street.  No one understood her choice of clothing. 

While mixing bold patterns in fashion may be risky, in home fashion it is quite the norm.  In almost every space I decorate, I use a mix of patterns to achieve a visual interest and balance in the room. If we use a floral on the drapes, and a stripe on the chairs then we will tone things down with a solid or mini print on the sofa.  Here are some great photos to demonstrate how various patterns can work together in a room:
If you look closely to the picture above, you'll see a striped piano bench, a floral tablecloth, a tone on tone print chair and solid window treatments.
Here you'll find a great print on the chairs, a mini print on the sofa and pillows in solid fabric and a stripe.
Doesn't this feel cozy?! There is a check and a floral used on the drapery panels, the same floral paired with a solid for the sofa, a stripe on the chair and an additional geometric pattern on the throw pillows.
Striped drapery panels, floral bedding and several solid chairs create a tranquil master bedroom retreat!

See how wonderful a space can look when you combine patterns?  Happy combining!

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