Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let them eat cake...

...or pie, or steak, or green beans or whatever they want on these fabulous plates!  I am madly in love with all the new melamine dishware that has come out this season.  I got a glimpse into the trend in a back issue of Better Homes & Gardens.  Then I spotted it in abundance at my visit to America's Mart in March.  Once back home, I started seeing it pop up on the shelves of Target, HomeGoods and local boutiques.  If you don't know what melamine is, it is a type of plastic that is stiff and unbreakable.  It has always been great for children to use or to take out on picnics or to tailgate parties.  Until recently, the selection of pattern and color has been limited to solid colors and maybe the occasional stripe or sports team logo.  NOW, the design options are fabulous!  When I first saw some of these plates I thought they were ceramic plates because the colors and patterns were so unique.  Imagine my surprise when I picked one up and discovered it was light-weight and plastic.  

These dishes are something the whole family can eat on without worry that one might get dropped on the floor and shattered.  Some of them are even gorgeous enough to replace the good china when guests come over.  I wouldn't be surprised if brides start registering for these as their everyday dishes because they are too cute to pass up.  See what I mean:
America's Mart display 

 French Bull plate grouping

Monogrammed plate from Janice's Invites

Can't you see Easter lunch being eaten off of these beauties?!?!  Happy table-setting!

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