Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taking Care of Business

Even though money may be a little tighter, people are wisely investing in quality furniture pieces for their office space.  CPAs are willingly paying for ergonomic desk chairs so they don’t have stiff backs after putting in long hours through tax season.  Doctors offices are ditching the old stiff armed chairs and opting for sleek, armless seating in their place so that patients of all sizes may sit in them.  Insurance agencies are saying “goodbye” to the utilitarian metal desks with overhead storage and bringing in warm toned wood work spaces that welcome their patrons.  Businesses recognize that these upgrades are necessary that for the good of their employees and for the sake of their clients.

Business owners who have had the same mundane office furniture for 10+ years will really find the benefit in updating in 2011!  Did you know there is a tax incentive offered this year that includes office furniture?!  Check out all the details here .  What better time to give that office space a facelift?! 

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