Thursday, March 3, 2011

more Stripes!

As I mentioned in a previous post titled "Stripes!", I was inspired by perusing photos of striped rooms.  I had been mulling over how to decorate my foyer for the last year- jumping from wallpaper to faux finishes, etc.  Finally I settled on STRIPES....and I love them!  Here are photos from the process:

The walls started out a gold color that carried into the main living area.  I used a laser level and chalk to draw out the pattern I desired. then I taped off the lines.

1.5 days later, I had a striped foyer.  The use of gold stripes allows the space to flow into the living area.  The uneven spacing of the lines keeps it fun and lighthearted.  The horizontal direction makes the small space feel longer and the stripes draw you in.  The lighter shade keep the walls from getting too dark.

If you like the color scheme, the shades I chose were Sherwin Williams Golden Fleece, Navajo White & Granite Peak.

Happy stripe-ing!

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