Monday, February 28, 2011

Look for Less: Rustic Lantern Chandelier

I ran across this gorgeous lantern cluster in Pottery Barn’s newest catalog and thought it would make a great “Look for Less” subject:

Anytime something rustic and unusual can be used indoors, I get excited.  This dramatic vignette has potential to be used over top a dining table to give a formal space a down-to-earth feel.  I also envision this scene look fabulous in a gazebo.  You could hang the rope from the high beams and make an intimate setting for your next social gathering.  How precious would this be at an outdoor wedding or family reunion?!??!!   Okay enough blabbering, onto the “how to”…..
The rope is simple enough to get- simply go to a hardware store and pick it up.  The ladder options depend on your resources.  If (like me) you have access to a barn or old tool shed, you can dig out an old ratty ladder to use on this project.  Be sure to remove any flakes of paint or loose wood so nothing breaks off and falls onto the tablescape once it’s installed. Of course, if they ladder is too long, saw off the un-needed length to reach your desirable size.   Another choice is to purchase a ladder at Ace Hardware and rough it up a bit to look aged or you can buy this at for $60. 

Easy enough so far!  Onto the lanterns.  Again, we have some options:  You might have access to some old, beat up lanterns that with a little soap & water would fit the bill perfectly.  If not, I’ve seen some fun lanterns at Pier One, Florist shops and Ikea (pictured here; priced at $15).
Be sure to buy various sizes (ranging between 12 and 36 inches) to get that visual interest like the PB mag.  If you find a style of lantern you like, but not the right finish don’t be afraid to use a little spray paint to achieve a patina that compliments the rustic wood and rope.  

Once your lanterns are selected, you’re ready to hang everything.  You’ll need 4 sections of rope (one for each corner).  Tie one end of the ropes to the ladder first.  Then determine your placement on the ceiling or gazebo beams and secure the other end of your ropes to the hooks or beams.  Once your ladder is placed and secure, add the lanterns (using metal hooks or more rope).  The final touch is adding the pillar candles.  Voila!  You achieved the look for less!

Happy creating!

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