Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Forget the camera, all the action is in lights right now!  The past few years have been all about economic hard times and the growth of the green movement.  As a result I’m seeing people go back to basics.  Simpler decor , clean lines and natural textures are becoming very dominant preferences of my clients in an effort to use resources wisely & to be green (or at least appear to be green).  Look at these funky fixtures from one of our vendors….

Halo Chandelier: A bare-bones light fixture that is mesmerizingly beautiful.   Imagine hanging this above your breakfast nook table to brighten up your mornings. 

Workshop Cage Lights: A pair of these would be a perfect compliment to a bar area or island overhang in a kitchen.

Clear glass Pendants: The clear glass creates a weightless & nearly invisible silhouette for the light. A cluster of these could be a divine illumination in a home office! 

The industrial nature of these fixtures don’t mean that they are only suited for a warehouse loft or a basement sublet.  Combining these lights with a rich, warm & inviting space compliments the design of the space instead of competing with it.  Whatever your personal style, natural and rustic have their place.

Happy lighting!

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