Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wallpaper = Granny…

Or does it???  When I ask people what comes to mind when I say “wallpaper”, it isn’t good. The negative reaction is usually the result of an image popping into their mind- an image of their grandmother’s orange and yellow floral kitchen walls from the 60’s. Very Brady Bunch inspired.  Something like this…. 
Quite frankly, I’d have the same reaction, too, if that was my only experience with the stuff.  I can happily say that the design world has departed from the heavy florals of the 1960’s (thank goodness!) and wallcovering has followed suit.  I used a textured vinyl covering in a University housing project just last year and the result was dynamo! 

Depending on your personal style preferences, you can find gorgeous metallic damask prints,

nubby grasscloth,
clean floral designs,

 two toned stripes...

I could keep going and going Energizer- bunny -style, but you get the picture. Wallcovering also gets a bad wrap for being defiant when applied to or removed from walls.  The truth is that when applied correctly by a professional, there is usually no trouble at all.  

Everything has an appropriate place and purpose.  And wallpaper may not always fit the bill, but when it does, don’t be afraid to explore the options.  You just might be surprised with what you find!

Happy Wallpapering!

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