Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How to Transition form Halloween to Thanksgiving Displays

Keep your Solid Pumpkins but Ditch the Jack-O-Lanterns
Although it can be tempting to keep those Jack-O-Lanterns and painted faced pumpkins up on your porch, when transitioning into Fall / Thanksgiving decor its best to say goodbye. Solid color pumpkins or even pumpkins with painted designs on them can easily transition into your new displays. 
Add in Leaves, Take out Anything Spooky
Leaves (both real or fake) are your friend when transitioning away from Halloween decor. When you take away things like witch hats or skeletons from your displays you may feel they look sparse. This is where adding in some great fall foliage can help your case! 
Use Earth Tones and Neutrals
Halloween decor tends to lean toward black and oranges, so once you are ready to move on, switch to more neutrals and earth tones. These photos show two great examples of how using whites and tone on tone items makes for a gorgeous and clean look! It is a fun departure from your classic reds and oranges. 

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