Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tips to Decorate for a Child’s Halloween Party

Candy-corn Fun
When decorating for a child’s Halloween party, fun is key, and what is more fun than decorating with candy? Candy-corn is the perfect candy to decorate with for a party because of its fun color and its ability to stay looking great. Add candy-corn to the bottom of a mason jar then put your utensils inside for a fun addition to your table!
Decorate the Front Door 
A great way to make a fun first impression is by decorating your front door. You can take this in any direction you wish. Get creative and make the whole door into a monster, or keep it simple with a festive wreath. The photo below shows a good example of how you can add some inexpensive toy bats to your door to add some extra spookiness to your classic display. 
Make the Table the Main Event
The food and snack table at the party is always where everyone wants to be. Take this opportunity to make the table your main focus for the Halloween decor. These photos both show how these people each chose themes and ran with them. This is a good tip for the decorations as a whole. Whether you want to go with classic black and orange or switch it up and go with blacks, whites, and purples you can’t go wrong!

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