Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Bring the Colors of Autumn Into Your Home.

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Small touches can have a tremendous impact on a space. To help bring the feeling of fall into your home think warm tones. Put away your cool blues and grays and bring out the oranges and coppers. But you don’t only have to use oranges when choosing accessories; jewel tones make your space feel warm as well.

Some simple things to change out to add fall colors to your home are your welcome mat, your centerpiece, and throws and pillows. Adding in warm tones will make your space feel even more inviting, which is great for the cold months ahead.

When it comes to your centerpiece use a colored vase to display seasonal plants such as berries, cattails, and ornament grasses. This allows for more colors to be added, but still have a rich feeling overall.

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