Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bring the Outside in: How to Decorate With Leaves.

During the fall season our backyards begin to look like a sea of orange, yellow, and red leaves. The temperature is starting to cool down and we are finding ourselves inside more. Wondering how you can bring the beauty of the outdoors in? We’ve found three projects that are simple and easy to do!

Garland of Leaves.

Autumn Leaves
Tape or Sticky Tack

Step 1: The first step to this project is to go outside and pick out the leave you want to use for the garland. Try to select leaves that aren’t torn and use a variety of sizes and colors. You could use artificial leaves if you don’t have access to real leaves.
Step 2: Depending on where you want to hang the garland, cut the string to your desired length.
Step 3: Use the needle to thread the leaves onto the string. I would place the string about a half-inch below them stem.
Step 4: Once you have threaded the leaves onto the string, use tape or sticky tack to hang the garland.
This would look great hanging below the mantel of your fireplace or hanging over a doorway!
Candle Holders.

Clear Candle Holders
Autumn Leaves
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: You will want to select your style of candleholders, I recommend using glass that is clear.
Step 2: Selecting ribbon. The style of ribbon is completely up to you; since it is fall I recommend using reds, oranges, and yellows.
Step 3: Selecting your leaves. As mentioned previously you’ll want to choose leaves that haven’t been torn. It’s person preference when it comes to color and size but try to select leaves that will compliment the size of your candleholder.
Step 4: Tying the ribbon. You’ll want the ribbon to be snug around the candleholder. If your ribbon keeps sliding off the candle hold I would try retying or hot gluing behind the bow. You don’t want to hot gun the entire ribbon because the leaves will be held in place by the ribbon.
Step 5: Place the leaves around the ribbon.
These are great in any room around the house!
Golden Leaves.

Gold Paint
Paint Brush

Step 1: Select your leaves. You’ll want to choice different styles of leaves, that way each frame has a different leaf.
Step 2: Select your frames. I recommend using wooden frames. As shown in the picture above, the wooden frame compliments the leaf by bringing more of the outdoors in!
Step 3: Paint the leaves gold. One or two coats should work best.
Step 4: Place the leaves inside the frames, if the leaves aren’t staying in place use two-sided tape to secure the leaf in place.

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