Thursday, May 31, 2012

Saint Louey

Earlier this month I traveled to St Louis for a conference and had the pleasure of having the hubs by my side.  I absolutely fell in love with this city!  In part, it reminded me of where I grew up (Louisville, KY) so I felt very comfortable there, but beyond that the architecture and the attractions sucked me in.  Here's St Louey from my point of view.

We stayed downtown right next to the arch and every morning we could look out our window to see the massive structure towering above the river. 

A common trend among the buildings in the city was the use of the arch in the architecture.  Arched windows add a graceful element to an otherwise angular house. 

Arched doorways served as grand entrances in the hotel.  


One afternoon, we walked through a park in the middle of downtown where a number of unique sculptures and water features were on display.  I couldn't resist posing with the big white bunny!
Check out this smart use of old windows!  I spotted these in a restaurant that had an open, two story ceiling and an industrial vibe.  The windows served as art and as barrier between the kitchen and the dining portion of the restaurant.  So clever!  (Side note- I was so inspired by this that I've now lined up some 100 year old windows from a friend who was putting in new ones.  What a great way to re-purpose something that no longer functions as it was originally intended. Now to just figure out how I will put them to use...)

Even cooler was the light fixtures!  That's right, they are made of old milk cans, painted in vibrant colors.  This is my next project.

When we travel, we try to only eat and shop in local places unique to that city.  We stayed true to that goal while in St Louis and one night after dinner in LaFayette Square we stumbled upon what I now refer to as "our future home".  I love the idea of brownstones in the park, the ease of living within walking distance to hip hangouts and this home on Park Ave had it all!

Hubs and I walked for awhile just taking in the features of each house and making a list of pros and cons to moving there.  I spouted off all the ways I would decorate them and how each room would be used.  While we will remain in Lexington for the foreseeable future, maybe one day I'll get my Park Ave house.

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