Thursday, October 20, 2011

A litlle bit of Monica in my life....

My husband jokingly (or so he says) calls me Lizzy Limits.  I freaked out one time because we passed an Amish horse & buggy on a two lane road with a double yellow line.  I emphatically explained that the double yellow line indicates it is dangerous to pass at that time.  Through his tears of laughter, he assured me that we would be fine.  He was right.  But I still didn’t like breaking the rule.

Because of my Type- A tendencies, I have been compared to Monica Geller many times in my life. I like to follow the rules (illustrated by my previous story).  I love to make lists and gather great satisfaction from checking items off of those lists.  And I tend to be a little overzealous when it comes to tidiness in my home.   I have sets of coasters strategically placed about our house. I like to preserve the beauty of the furniture we have and don’t want to find sticky Mountain Dew residue rings on the furniture. When we have a drink in the living room, the cup does not rest on the wood or glass top of a table, it settles on top of a stylish coaster.  Coasters are inexpensive, but do a lot to protect the items in your home.  Brightly colored coaster with family photos can make it exciting for kids.  They will want to use the coaster and it will create a good habit in them.  If you want to support your favorite sports team, get logo-ed coasters.  Stores offer fancy marble ones or inexpensive rubber ones.  For all the other Monicas out there- you can even find coasters for the drink holders in your car (I have some!).  There is a coaster for every style, and price range.  

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