Tuesday, May 30, 2017

School’s Out! Three Ways to Set Up a Kid’s Room for Summer Fun

Create a Reading Corner / Nook
Reading is such an important activity for kids to do on a regular basis, especially through the Summer months while they are out of school. This can be difficult for some kids to get excited about if they don't have a pleasant, dedicated area in their room or in the house to read. When you create a cozy corner or nook for your child to read, it becomes a fun and comforting experience instead of feeling like a chore! These are 3 great examples of different ways to go about setting up an area like this for your child. 


Set Up an Art Station


Art is another awesome activity for kids to do throughout the summer. While it can be a lot of fun, it can also create a bit of a mess and become something you don't want to deal with. Setting up a dedicated area for art and other creative projects is a fantastic way of making sure the area stays clean and organized! This helps keep any mess to one small area, as well as giving a home to the specific art tools so they don't end up scattered everywhere. You can go as elaborate or simple as you would like with this space!


Get Designated Baskets / Bins for Each Category of Toy


One of the easiest ways to set up your child’s room for summer fun is by getting baskets or bins that are meant to store any number of different categories of toys and other items. These three examples show great ways to incorporate these baskets or bins into your child’s room. Furniture units with built in nooks for such items are a fantastic option!


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