Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to Decorate for a March Madness Viewing Party

Chalk Board Bracket

The bracket that goes along with March Madness is a key component that should be a part of any viewing party. One fun way to incorporate the bracket into the party’s decor is by using it on a large chalkboard where you can write in the games and their winners up to the point of the party. 
Team-themed Colors

There is a good chance that if you are having a viewing party for one or more of the March Madness games, some if not all of the guests will be pulling for the same team. Using that team’s colors for the decor at your party is a great jumping off point. Here in Kentucky, those colors will most likely be either blue and white for the Kentucky Wildcats or red and black for the Louisville Cardinals. These are examples of how to work either one of those color combinations in!

Skip the Theme if its not for You

Some may just want to have a viewing party to watch a number of the games without having a specific teams colors on display. To that same point, others may not want to even have a basketball theme at all as it can come off a bit child-like. In this case, just go with party decor that suits you and/or your guests taste! This can go in any number of directions, these examples show two shots from one theme-neutral get together that turned out beautifully!


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