Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fashion Week Follow-up - Fashion Trends that Tie-in with Décor Trends.

With fashion week just wrapping up, we were inspired to talk about how fashion trends tie in with decor trends. Since home decor trends tend to stick around a bit longer than fashion trends, we are going to look back at Fall 2016 Fashion Week and show how some trends have crossed over into decor!

One of the trends we saw on the Fall 2016 Fashion Week runways was velvet. This is a fabric that comes and goes from fashion and decor trends constantly. It is back and better than ever in decor, especially in bright a bold hues like this Jonathan Adler chair shown here. 


Sparkle and Shine

Sparkly and shiny pieces were also seen all over the runway. This is a fun trend that has crossed over into the home decor world and is certainly best in small or subtle doses. Below is a photo of how shiny metallic tiles were used as an accent wall in this bathroom to create an iridescent statement!


Metal Details

Metal accents and small details were another trend we saw throughout the 2016 Fashion Week. Metal details are used in decor all of the time to add a different texture in with all of the expected soft fabrics. Metal pieces like trays, candle holders, vases, and other accessories are all great ways to work in this gorgeous trend.

Faux Fur

Lastly, faux fur was seen, especially in the form of cross body pieces in 2016. Faux fur is such a fun and luxurious trend that can be easily worked into your decor. Pillows, throws, and rugs are some of the most obvious pieces where you can get this soft and cozy trend in. One of the most popular ways to add faux fur to a space right now is by placing a small white faux fur rug onto an accent chair for an added layer of style as well as comfort!


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