Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy 2017! Here are 3 Trends we are Loving in Decorating

Natural Textures
Natural textures like jute, linen, crash, rattan & abaca are all big right now in interiors. There has been a resurgence of consumers wanting to get back to a natural feel and away from so many manmade items that include any number of chemicals. These textures can be found in anything from the fabric on your furniture, to pillows and even in art. In 2017, we can expect to see even more of these natural textures trending in decor. 
Graphic Prints
Another fun trend that is continuing to gain ground is the use of graphic prints. These prints are best used in accents for your home like pillows, art and accessories. These prints can run the gamut from simple geometrics, to bold abstracts, to literal images like plants and animals. These photos show some fun examples of this bold trend.
Large Tile
Larger sized tiles have been popular in recent years, and your options in size just continue to get bigger! We have really gotten away from the days of tiny 2”x2” tiles covering our bathroom floors. One myth about larger scale tiles is that they can make a small room feel smaller. This is completely untrue, it actually opens up the space and gives your eye a nice break from the cluttered feel of teeny tiny tiles. 

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