Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Father’s Day: How to Create a Masculine Space that is Functional

Continuing with our Father’s Day theme, we would like to talk about how to create a masculine space that is still attractive and functional. In terms of home decor, it seems as though feminine touches tend to win out over their masculine counterpart. We are here to say that masculine decor does not have to be limited to a bachelor pad or a man cave. Masculine touches can be a welcome contrast throughout your home. 

This photo is a fantastic example of how to incorporate masculine items like animal skulls, distressed wood, and a deep navy wall together to create a beautiful, cohesive look. As time goes on, these “masculine” items are becoming more and more mainstream and used throughout home decor. 

Leather is a great way to mix in more masculine touches into your home decor. This tufted leather sofa paired with an antique trunk and mixed wood and metal end table create the perfect masculine inspired space. If this look is a little too far into the masculine look than you are going for in your home, try taking just some of these elements and combining them with more feminine pieces including soft textures and soothing colors.

Finally, bold artwork is another masculine touch that can be incorporated into any space to give it an extra edge. This abstract, black and white piece from Kirklands.com is a perfect example of a great piece to incorporate into your space. This thick, brush stroke look with stark contrast between the colors is a very popular look right now. 

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