Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Father’s Day: Decor Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is one of those holidays where you want to give a gift that shows you really put thought into it. That being said, you also want to choose something that can be functional as well. A decor gift is the perfect combination of the two. One fun idea for a decor gift for the new dads out there is to have your little one hold large letters that spell out “Dad”. This is something that he can hold on to and treasure for years to come. As the child (or children) in the photo grow, he can look back on this photo and remember how he felt when they were so young and he received this thoughtful gift. 


Another Father’s Day decor gift idea is a frame that has something that he is interested in around the outside. The example shown here is from zulily.com and it is a frame with wrenches on the facade. This is the perfect item that could be placed near his work station in the garage, or even his man cave! It creates a perfect combination of his masculine hobby along with his sweet family all in one.


It seems to hold true that most dads have a favorite chair, or spot on the sofa that is “their spot”. This final gift idea we are sharing is the perfect addition to make “their spot” even more special and personal to their needs. It is a known as a “C” table, this is a table that is designed to come up and over the arm of a sofa or chair’s arm. The example shown is from etsy.com and it has places for remotes, magazines, etc. 


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