Tuesday, November 3, 2015

DIY Projects with Leaves

Leaf Candle Holder

Items You Will Need:

-Mason Jars

-Dried Leaves 

-Mod Podge 

-Paint Brush

First, let the leaves dry out, then cover the outside of the jar in Mod Podge. Then, place the leaves onto the wet Mod Podge and paint one more layer on top of the leaves. Let that dry, then do one more coat of Mod Podge. Once that has died overnight, overspray with acrylic spray and that is all there is to it!

Leaf Banner 

Items You Will Need:


-A Paint Pen 


First, decide what you want you banner to say, then collect that amount of leaves, plus two extras for designs on the ends. Then use your paint pen to write one letter per leaf. Then, wrap the string around the stem of the first leaf, leave about 4”- 6” between each leaf, and continue the process with all of the leaves. Hang it across your mantle or table and you are finished!

Frame Pressed Leaves 

Items You Will Need:

-Wax paper


-A few heavy books

-A frame

Gather some pretty leaves from your yard, then sandwich them in sheets of wax paper, stack a few heavy books together, and tuck the leaves into the pages of the bottom book. Leave them in the book stack for about a week, the colors will fade a little bit over time. Then just frame them and you're done! 

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