Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to Decorate with Orange

Like last weeks blog about decorating with black, this is inspired by one of the main colors of Halloween, orange. Again, we want to share ideas with you about how to decorate with this color for more than just Halloween.

Choose Muted Shades

If you are daring enough to paint with orange, make sure it is a muted shade. If the orange is to bright and bold, it could easily overwhelm the space. Here are some examples of muted orange paint that turned out perfectly in these homes.


Pair it with its Compliment  

Pairing colors with their complimentary color can be a fantastic design choice as long as there are some neutrals mixed in to calm the space down. Blue is orange’s complimentary color, so using the two together can work beautifully. Try to stay within the same saturation when pairing the two colors. You can accomplish this by choosing an orange and blue that are on the same section of a paint color chart. 


Orange Accents 

A little nervous about jumping on the orange bandwagon? Start with using orange as simply an accent color among your decor. This can be accomplished by using orange throughout your accessories in the space. This works particularly well when paired with neutrals, as it will make the pops of orange that much more substantial. 


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