Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Perfect Shades of Gray for Walls

Out with the beiges and in with the grays! As we all know, gray has become the new neutral over the past few years, and rightfully so. Painting a room gray adds a touch of sophistication without being overwhelming. I’ve gathered together four of my favorite shades of gray, which are sure to work fabulously in any room.

Functional Gray
Photo Credit:brettvdesign.com
Functional Gray is a medium toned warm gray. Even in this monochromatic space, it doesn’t feel cold and unlived in, but in fact, the exact opposite. The space feels cozy and inviting, breaking all the rules in terms of gray.

Photo Credit: beautifulmatter.com
Dovetail is the darkest of all the shades I chose. It makes an impact with its intensity and contrasts crisp white trims and moldings beautifully. This is a true gray so it is very cool and compliments warm colors nicely.

Photo Credit: sweetavake.blogspot.com

Alpaca is perfect for a light and airy space. It allows the room to feel open. It is less about making an impact, and more about allowing the other colors in the space to pop. Alpaca has a slight brown undertone so it works well with all colors because it is warmer shade of gray.

Amazing Gray
Photo Credit: emilyclark.com

I saved the best for last! Amazing Gray is my all time favorite shade of gray. It has a beige undertone so it is nice and warm. Amazing Gray is a wonderful transition color for those who are a bit apprehensive about painting an entire room gray. I mean the name says it all, it is simply amazing.

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