Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Best Paint Colors for Your Kitchen

The color orange is great for kitchens because it encourages hunger. It also exudes energy and stimulates activity. Using a bold color like this is most ideal in small kitchens because a little bit goes a long way!
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Green is often times associated with health and energy, which is perfect for kitchens. Shades of green exude a fresh, clean vibe in a space and everyone wants their kitchen to feel clean! Whether you’re planning on painting the actual walls or just painting pops of color around the room, Dancing Green is fresh and fun with just the right amount of coolness.
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Updating your kitchen and painting it a gray will add instant sophistication. Requisite Gray really allows for the aspects to take center stage. If you have white cabinetry it will be sure to stand out. Speaking of cabinetry, you can always use this color on the cabinets instead of the walls to change things up. Either way you go, your kitchen will surely become an inviting space.

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