Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning - How to Know it's Time to get rid of Various Things Such as Sofas, Chairs, Rugs, ect.

Spring is here! And with spring comes the routine de-cluttering of everything you and your family have accumulated over the past few cold, dreary months. Instead of the normal spring-cleaning, I am going to discuss how you know it’s time to say goodbye to some of your more substantial pieces throughout your home.

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Sofas & Chairs:
Pitching an old sofa or chair can be hard. We try to make excuses as to why it is still a functional piece and why, oh why, it would make a great addition to the basement, until we realize that it is in fact, time for this loved piece of furniture to move on out. If your sofa or chair has multiple set-in stains and holes/worn out areas, along with broke down cushions and/or a broken frame, it is time for it to hit the road. How about pet odors? Yeah, that’s not just the character of the piece, if you cannot get that foul smell out of your piece; it’s time to pitch it.  With all this being said if you still like the overall character of your sofa or chair and the frame is still as sturdy as the day you bought it, but the fabric is outdated, you can always reupholster. 

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Window treatments are what finish a room, they add softness and a little something extra to any space, so of course you want them to look as crisp and put together as possible. After years of sun exposure, your curtains will begin to show signs of sun damage and discoloration if they are not lined, this would be a good time to switch out your old treatments for some new, lined ones. Naturally fabrics go in and out of style, so there will come a time when your window treatments will be just plain out-of-date. When you go to update them, take into consideration if you’d like the new treatments to be more functional, or on the other hand, more decorative.

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Area rugs are the anchors of every space, so it is important that yours is conveying the right message. First off, having the correctly sized rug will change a space in the snap of your fingers, so if your existing area rug is no longer compatible with your space, it needs replacing. If years of wear and tear have left your rugs worn, stained, and even rough and unpleasant to walk on, it is time for an upgrade. An even more basic reason to ditch your old area rug is your change in taste.

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You might think that your light fixtures don’t make that big of a difference in your home, but in fact, they do. Fixtures are a great example of a small finishing touch that make a world of difference. If you have a light that has an outdated finish or if the style of the fixture just does not fit with the new direction you’re taking, it is time for this piece to go. Incorrectly sized lighting fixtures can also do a number on your space. If a lighting fixture is too small, the space will swallow it up. If a lighting fixture is too big, it will  overtake your space, in all the wrong ways.

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