Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gifts for Mom's Home

Mother’s Day is the one-day a year that is truly dedicated our moms. We plan the whole day around celebrating them, thanking them, and showering them in love in every way we think possible. Of course there is no way we could ever fully thank them for bringing us into this big world, and holding our hands through this crazy thing we call life, but we try our best. So this Mother’s Day, sit down, take your time, and create something special for her. These DIY projects are easy enough for even those who feel they don’t have a creative bone in their body. But let me tell you, they all come from the heart, and will make every mom feel appreciated.

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Growing up our mothers were constantly taking pictures, documenting every step, every laugh, and every smile. Once we got old enough the tables turned and we began documenting our lives together as a family, big or small. This hanging photo album is simple enough that it can be incorporated into any space, and functional enough that pictures can easily be switched out. With wooden rings, wire, clothespins, and a handful of pictures this can be accomplished as easy as one, two, three.

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This is perfect for those of us who no longer live as close to our families. A larger picture frame and a map is all you will need for this project. Cut outs of your state, your mom’s state, and even your siblings’ states with tiny hearts over each location will remind your mother that there is love coming from all over and it’s all for her. 

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Looking back and reading old notes and journals from our childhoods can be both bittersweet and comical. So why not capture that for your mother to enjoy and reminisce about? These will be a daily reminder to your mom of how sweet and charming you were as a kid.

You’ll need:
  •  tea towels
  • a sharpie
  • your old letters, notes, journals, etc.
  • tape 
The easiest way to go about this is by placing the tea towels on top of the message you will be transferring, taping it down to keep it in place, and simply trace with the sharpie marker.  A useful tip – if you’re having trouble reading the message through the tea towel, place it in front of a window. The light will make a world of difference.

(Photo Credit: etsy store – BetsysWood)
Sometimes we all need daily reminders that we are loved, even our mothers. This is an adorable way to say not only say I love you, but also thank you.

You’ll need:
  •  a frame
  • chalkboard piece (if you cannot find one, you can always paint a piece of wood with chalkboard paint)
  • stencils
  • paint
  • chalk 
 If your mom makes you pancakes when you’re in for a visit, or folds your laundry, or if you just want to thank her for being her generous, creative, beautiful, and sometimes high strung self, this is the way to do it. Your mom will absolutely love the little notes, promise!

So this Mother’s Day if you’re lucky enough, give your mom a big hug, squeeze a little harder than normal, and tell her how much you love her.

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