Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's Spring! 5 Ways to Welcome the Season

1              Rearrange your accessories.  All winter your bookshelves and tabletops have looked the same.  It’s time to shake it up! Clear everything off and start again.  Rework the items you have grouped together and where you place them.   When you’re finished your space will have a fresh look. 

2              Dress your windows.  Fabric window treatments are the perfect way to complete the look of your space. I will often use floor to ceiling panels in a living room, dining room and bedroom, while using valances and cornices in kitchens and other casual spaces.  If you don’t want to have treatments custom made, there are great store-bought options available, just be sure they are lined so the sun doesn’t shine through the fabric. 

3              Update your throw blankets and pillows. I coach my clients to keep their upholstery fabric neutral and incorporate fun, colorful pillows that they can swap out as needed.  Some retailers offer pillow covers, so all you have to do is slip your existing pillow into the sleeve and zip it up.

4              Paint.  If your home hasn’t been painted in awhile and you feel your colors no longer reflect you then it is time to paint.  Spring is a great time for a project like this because you can open the windows to let fresh air in.  Extra tip: 72 degrees is the ideal drying temperature for paint.

5. Liven up your curb appeal.  The weather, everything from sunshine to snow and rain, can do a number on your front door.  Spring is the perfect time of year to give it a fresh coat of paint.  While you’re at it, why not pick a new color?  This is also a good time to update your welcome mat and door-hanging.  Remember, the entrance is the first impression guests have of your home…make it a good one! 

 (photo credit: www.brightboldbeautiful.com)

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