Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to Choose a Rug

The number one mistake I see clients making is the SIZE of rugs in their homes. All too often I see rugs that are too small to save a buck or two.  Size matters when it comes to the right rug. Rugs are anchors for the room and help to easily distinguish separate seating areas.  Spending a little extra money will make a huge difference and will be well worth it in the end.  So, how do you choose the correct size? 

In order for a rug to reach its full potential in a living room, it must be big enough that it allows all of the front legs of the furniture to rest on it, so the space will feel grounded.  If possible start with the rug and work from there with pulling colors and style for the rest of the space. 

For a dining room or eat in kitchen, a good rule of thumb is to use a rug that extends 2 ft out from the table on all sides.  This allows your chairs to be pulled out without the legs coming off the rug.  

If you are looking for an interesting option, consider layering 2 rugs to create the ideal size. You can purchase a larger solid rug and add a smaller patterned rug on top, if you are on a very strict budget (solid rugs are typically less expensive than bold patterned ones). 

There are so, so, so many options out there that you will be sure to find the right one!

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