Tuesday, November 4, 2014

To Decorate or not Around a TV

TV too overpowering?  First thing first, look at your television as a large picture in a grouping instead of a big black box. When you stop fighting your TV, this will become a much more simple task.

Place your TV on a console and gather frames around the screen in a symmetrical or asymmetrical format. Place a lamp or two, and add a few bold touches below. Pick a consistent color to run throughout the grouping for a harmonized look.

For more sophistication, choose matching frames; same size, color, and matting, and hang them in a uniform manner around your TV. This also keeps the look simple and clean.

Another option is to the flank bookcases or shutters; both skinny and wide frame your TV. Place decorative objects about to balance the weight of the screen and reduce the TV’s dominance in the space.

And of course there is always the option to just own your TV. Let it stand all on its own, and become the focal point of the wall. But of course a few decorative touches could never hurt either, some nice patterned panels and a few picture frames will liven up your space.

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