Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Three Tips to Make a Large Room Seem Intimate

Large rooms seem to be so desirable. But what happens when you have too much space? What do you with all of it? Well rest easy, these three tips will make the task of filling all that extra room quite easy, and stress free.

With such a large space, you’ll naturally feel obligated to fill it with all kinds of furniture, but large seating arrangements can make the space feel even emptier if there is too much space between the sofa and the coffee table. Swap out your coffee table for an oversized ottoman. This will close that gap, add softness, and make the room feel cozy.


If your room is really large, you may have to create two seating areas. Create zones but keep the flow between the two. Place a sofa table behind your floating couch to define the area, or even but the backs of two sofas together to create more intimate seating. Big spaces were made for entertaining so take advantage of all of this room and provide as much seating as possible for you future dinner party guests.

You’re bound to have dead spaces when you have so much room to fill. But do not, I repeat, do not just throw a floor plant down and think you’ve worked some kind of magic. Fill these dead spaces with purpose. Occasional chairs and sofa tables were made for these areas. Place two chairs with a table between them to create a reading nook. Or Place a long console table against the wall and hang a piece or artwork or a mirror above it. There are so many combinations to create with these two it’s unbelievable.

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