Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Staycation II: DIY to Recreate Your Favorite Vacation Spot.

We all love a great beach vacation! Whatever your favorite vacation spots, here are some DIY projects to recreate any vacation spot at home.

Family Photo Throw Pillow
This DIY project is a great way to share memories to friends and family!  Here is how you can create your own throw pillow.
Step 1: Scan or copy picture onto transfer paper. This paper can be found at most office supply stores.
Step 2: Iron image onto fabric and attach to your pillow. You can use an already made pillow or sew your own.

Hanging Lantern
Wondering what you should do with the sand and shells you bring home from the beach. This Hanging lantern is a great way to display souvenirs.  Anyone can put something like this together. The first step is to find a hanging lantern. Once you’ve found one, the next step is to fill it up with all the souvenirs you brought home. If it is a beach vacation I would start by filling the bottom with sand. Then arrange your shells and any other great souvenirs you want to display. You can hang the lantern almost anywhere!

Paint Colors
An easy way to recreate your favorite vacation spot is repainting a room those color schemes. Below is a collection of Sherwin Williams’s paint that can give a calm and soothing feel to any room.

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