Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bring the Outdoors In!

One of our favorite design trends is also one of the most unique:  bringing the outdoors in.

That can be easier to say than it is to actually DO, though (a great example is the gorgeous-but technically challenging--indoor "tree" (pictured at left).

So how can a thrifty (and realistic) DIY-er accomplish this look?

Just like the outdoors itself...keep it simple.

Look for (or create for yourself) accessories that give your space a rustic feel, without being overwhelming. This  antler wall hanging (pictured at right) is a great example.

Smart furniture choices can also do the trick--and allow you to accomplish your goal without spending a lot of time and DIY hours.

In fact, one rustic piece, integrated in even the most traditional or even high-tech design, such as the kitchen pictured at left, can give any room a dash of the outdoors.

Whatever you do, make sure it fits your general style, whether that is bold, understated, quirky, or luxurious.

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