Thursday, May 22, 2014

5 tips to give your interior a quick, cost-effective lift

1.     Pull furniture away from walls.
When furniture is pushed back against the walls, it makes the space feel uninviting and disoriented.  Floating furniture in the room allows you to have conversation groupings and give the space a more intimate feel.

2.     Two feet on the rug.  Make sure at least the 2 front feet (if not, all 4) of your furniture are on the area rug.  Avoid floating a small rug in the middle of your seat grouping, it looks awkward and calls attention to sizing mistake.  If your rug is too small to allow your pieces to sit on it, remove it from the space. It is better to go without than to have a rug that is too small!

3.     Group your artwork. Pictures and artwork are so much more impactful when clustered together on one wall versus spread out individually on every wall.  There are so many ways to group things to create visual interest, and you can even use groupings to hide unsightly elements like a thermostat in the middle of the wall.  Don’t be afraid to mix various sized items together if it makes sense.

4.     Keep your accessories trendy.  If you are in love with the chevron print that is currently so popular, you can buy some new throw pillows in that pattern and spruce up your sofa.  The benefit of keeping trendy patterns and colors in your accessories is that you never invest too much money in those items and they are easy to change when you tire of them.

5.     Paint!  Changing the paint color of a room is the most inexpensive way to update it.  A fresh color allows you to see your furnishings in a whole new way, as well.  Don’t be afraid to try a new color, you just may fall in love with it


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