Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Use These Downsizing Tips to Make a BIG Difference

Have your kiddos all headed to college, and left you with more house than you need?   Do you have parents who are thinking of moving to a smaller home?  Or—are you ready to downsize your house payment, even if it means less living space?  Check out these Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors downsizing tips:

1.  Categorize.   
Organize your belongings into 3 lists: NEED/WANT/TRASH
*Keep in mind that…the NEED and TRASH piles will be manageable, and the WANT pile may prove more difficult.  Once you have divided everything, sift through the WANT pile to determine what you can do without. Then—get real.  You won't have as much space, so you might have to say goodbye to at least a portion of your WANT pile.   

A tip:  Have you kept that huge vase (that doesn't really go with your style) around for years, because it was Grandma's? Consider taking a picture of it.  That way you have a visual of the piece in a more space efficient form.  And...do the same with other items you don't have room for.  You'll be AMAZED at how much space you can free up!

2. Think about scale.  If your current home has high ceilings and large open rooms, but your downsized home doesn't, you may need to purchase smaller furniture.

  3. Get creative with your stuff.   
Don't use things the way you always have.  After all, you're moving to a new space, so use this opportunity to “shake up your style.”  For example- all those photos that filled your built-ins and tabletops could be grouped together for a gallery wall, OR…that wrought iron bistro table and chairs from your patio could look great in your new breakfast nook!

Want more great visuals and ideas?  Visit the Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors Portfolio page and...enjoy!

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