Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Holiday Prep 101, continued: Don't forget about the Bathroom!

More Holiday Prep 101:  Don't forget about the Bathroom!

You’ve de-cluttered your entry hall and hallways, positioned mirrors to get the best possible Feng Shui, and even given your kitchen a makeover with new cabinets or a cabinet paint job and/or a backsplash, or simply by changing the lighting scheme.  You’re ready to throw a holiday bash, right?   

Maybe—but don’t forget to take a long, hard look at the room that all of your guests will most likely visit at one point during the evening:  The Bathroom.  Some tips:

 *Function is top priority in bathrooms, but there is still room for some beautiful form.  Your towel bars and faucets and storage units don't have to be boring. To get a new look for less...consider re-purposing materials you already have, or can find at a local flea market.  Here are a few great examples:



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