Thursday, April 26, 2012

Earth Day Continued

If one day a year doesn't fulfill your desire to be Earth-friendly, consider these products when decorating your home (or office, for that matter).

Driftwood Mirror, from Crate and Barrel

Natura from Benjamin Moore, environmentally responsible paint

Biodegradable paint tray (because let's be honest, who actually washes out and keeps their trays!)

Welcome mat made of reclaimed wood, from Crate and Barrel

Be smart about recycling.  If you are about to throw away a glass jar consider using it for a pencil holder or as a vase for the kitchen table.  In a marketplace in Mexico a few years back, I haggled with a vendor over a glass pitcher.  We finally came to an agreement and I brought the pitcher home with me. After one use the bottom broke out of it.  Since it was a clean break I glued it back on.  Feeling a little uncertain about the pitchers ability to hold water, I decided to re-purpose it as a flower pot.  Re-purposing is exciting and makes me feel inventive.  As a bonus, things don't pile up in the dumpster.

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