Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tailgate Decor

Sorry I've been MIA for the last week, I must have misplaced my blogging manners!  But now I'm back and have some exciting tailgate- enhancing decorating ideas.

Football season is upon us and with that comes 2 of my favorite things: Fall weather and tailgating!  Tailgating is my excuse to be a perpetual hostess- to coordinate a gathering of close friends, make great food and dress up in my favorite school colors: blue & white.  Of course, being in the decorating field I think every good color scheme needs some pattern which is why I LOVE the UK Plaid products.  The Plaid brings a whole new dimension to the beautiful, but solid blue, white & occasionally black color scheme of our tailgate decor.  Check out some of my faves:

The tablecloths compliment your basic blue tailgate tent & chairs.  Your grill- master can don some snazzy gear to get in to the festivities, as well.

I am personally most excited about one of the new products,   
the cotton scarf.  I am so into wearing the long scarves right
now and this piece makes me feel like I can wear some official gear to the games beyond my trusty UK tees.

Here's my pup modeling it for you.

The coozie is another super-cute addition this year that I will not be caught without at my tailgate party.

*All of these photos were pulled from:!/pages/The-Official-Plaid-of-the-University-of-Kentucky/112274539202

All of the Plaid products (there's a whole array I didn't even mention) can be purchased from various retailers in Lexington as well as some stores out in the state.  It's a project especially near to my heart, as the students from the Merchandising, Apparel & Textiles department (my major) designed the Plaid.  The students also design the products that are produced each year.  I think it's a super-exciting opportunity for these students and I'm jealous that I'm still not in school to participate!

Some other fun products that I have recently been painting more and more of are UK themed glasses:

 Boy or girl, you can have one for your signature drink this football season.

So when you get all of your new tailgate-enhancing products, be sure to snap some pics and send them my way- I'd love to see what you've done! Happy tailgate decorating!

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