Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update an Outdated Room

You do not have to spend a fortune to update your room. Simply work with existing pieces to give them a fresh, modern look!  Here are a few very simple tips, from our intern extraordinaire- Lucy, that you can do to completely change the feel of your room:

1. Spend time doing some cleaning. Clean your floorboards, windows, light fixtures, and furniture.

2. Paint your walls or just paint one accent wall. Another great idea is to use spray paint to give light fixtures and frames a new face.

3. Take old dressers or desks and use bright colors or textured finishes to make them look brand new. Add handles in a contemporary finish to bring them up-to-date. This can work for most pieces, but know there are some pieces that you would just be better off getting rid of.  Replace those items with unique pieces that you absolutely love! (Hint- look at antique stores for rare finds that are inexpensive and can easily be re-done.)

4. Add slip covers to outdated upholstered furniture and give your old kitchen table a new look with tablecloths or bright placemats. Recover an upholstered headboard to completely change the look of your bed.  Also, add new throw pillows with a fun coordinating design to really spruce up your furniture. A little bit of fresh fabric can go a long way!

5. Replace photos that have been in frames for years and move small decorative items around. Add colored vases with fake (or real, if you have a green thumb) flowers to give your room a fresh, natural feel. Introducing changes subtly can have a BIG impact.

            Updating your room does not have to break the bank if you recycle items that you already have and love, add some color to your walls and shelves, do some major cleaning, and add new coverings to your old furniture. 

Happy Updating!!

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