Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tile Savers

A few weeks back, I went to an event at Mee's Marble & Tile that focused on tile trends. Wow, was I impressed! The product that had the most impact on me was the Tuscan Leveling System by Pearl Abrasives. Having installed a tile backsplash and floor in my own kitchen, I know the effort it takes to ensure the tile is level and that the grout lines are small and evenly spaced.

I was amazed by the demonstration and recommend that clients ask their tile installer if they use the product. This system creates thin grout lines without the use of those pesky spacers, and it eliminates lippage between tiles (you know you have lippage when you run your hand across the tile and some corners are higher than others, creating an uneven surface). The coolest feature of all, was that you can use it on floors, walls or ceilings (helpful when tiling a shower).

If you want more info, you can check out their website:

Happy tiling!

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