Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Countertops - What’s Trending

When it comes to countertops, there are quite a few different directions you can go with them. These are the top three we are seeing everywhere and gravitate to as recommendations for our clients. 


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Granite is without a doubt what we recommend the most out of these countertop options. One of the best things about granite is the amazing variation you get from stone to stone. This creates beautiful character and interest in any space. On a practical side of things, it is very durable and is resistant to things like heat, cuts, and scratches. One small downside to granite is you do have to re-seal it every so often, but that is a small sacrifice for a huge reward!

PDR Interiors



Next up we have marble. Marble is undeniably beautiful, elegant and classic. It is without a doubt thought of as a higher end material so you will be raising the value of any space with the addition of this material. A few downsides to this choice are its higher price, its likelihood to stain and chip more easily than other materials like granite or quartz. This is where style and practicality butt heads, although that is not to say when properly cared for it is not an excellent choice! 




Finally we have quartz. This is an interesting option because it gives you the best of both worlds. It mimics the look of natural stone like marble, with the durability of a manmade product. They have come so far with the pattern and variation you can achieve with quartz. It also requires much less maintenance which is a huge plus. It is a great choice, especially in kitchens that will get a ton of use!


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