Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Bathroom Refresh - Quick Tips for an Update

Update your Shower Curtain

Bathrooms are one of the easiest places in your home to update and make a big impact with small changes. Your shower curtain is a place where you can get a large impact with just one item so it is a great way to refresh your space. You may even consider having 2 or 3 shower curtains that you can keep on rotation every few months. This way you can give yourself a change every once in a while without having to always go out and buy new ones. 

Change out your Bath Mats


Bath mats can really take a beating over time and become dingy and even change color. This may be something you don't immediately think about updating when it comes to your bathroom but swapping your old mats out for fresh can work wonders for the whole space. If you choose to have a backup shower curtain or 2, consider having coordinating mats for each curtain. This certainly does not mean they all have to match, you just want to make sure everything coordinates nicely. 


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Lastly one if the biggest impacts you can make in a small space like your bathroom is to update the paint color or wallpaper. Wallpaper can make a gorgeous statement in your bathroom or powder room, and with it being the star of the show, your other items can remain simple and neutral {can’t get easier than that!}. When it comes to painting your bathroom, there are so many different directions you can go. Keep it clean and simple with a soft blue green or cream, or go all out and have fun with a color you wouldn't want to commit to in a larger room.

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