Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bedroom Refresh - Quick Tips for an Update

New Area Rug

Adding an area rug to your bedroom or updating the one you’ve had for a while is a quick and easy way to update your space. Even if your bedroom is carpeted, adding an area rug on top adds color, dimension and even added warmth! Check out the diagram below for how to choose the correct rug size for your bedroom!


Closet Organization


Many times, our bedrooms are the last thing we think about cleaning or straightening up since we spend so much of our time if other rooms like the kitchen or the living room. Although this isn't the most fun way to refresh your bedroom, it will be one you will not regret. Adding closet organization will make your space be more functional and motivate you to keep it clean and organized which is always tough.


Updated Lamps

PDR Interiors
Table lamps and floor lamps add so much warmth into your space and they are a key component in creating the style you are going for in your bedroom. You may have had the same lamps for years and years and by simply updating these for new ones you can make a beautiful statement! One common mistake people make is choosing lamps that are too small. These photos show examples of nicely proportioned lamps in relation to the nightstands and bed size.


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