Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What’s Hot in Summer Decor?

Leaf Motifs


Leaf motifs have completely taken off in things like wallpaper and pillows this year. This tropical / jungle vibe lends itself to many beautifully styled spaces. Using this motif in your home really brings a touch of the outside in and creates a fun yet earthy vibe. Want to take this trend to the next level? Add in some real or faux plants as well!


Acrylic Details


Acrylic items like accessories, chairs, and side tables have been popular in recent years and it shows no sign of loosing speed. The beautiful thing about acrylic is it gives the appearance of glass without the fragility. It is an especially great choice to use in small spaces because it has virtually no visual weight which helps keep your room feeling larger!


Global Color Palettes 


More and more in our society, people are increasingly interested in taking cues from other cultures and countries for inspiration. This is true in both fashion as well as home decor! This color palette Sherwin Williams has put together is a great example of the types of colors in a “global” palette. Rich jewel and earth tones make for a gorgeous combination!


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