Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Colors of Spring - How to Decorate with Floral Patterns

Start Small
When it comes to introducing florals into your decor, start with just a little here and there. Things like a simple throw pillow, or a piece of art are a good way to add florals to your space without feeling overwhelmed by them. Florals have gotten a bad wrap in the past for feeling a little “grandma-ish” so for some, it will take time to get that perception out of their heads. 
Try Floral Wallpaper (Gasp!)
Can you believe I said it? Floral wallpaper? Thats right, in the right space it can work beautifully! Don't be concerned, these are not the florals of the past I am talking about. These florals are both chic and on trend. Some places to appropriately use floral wallpaper is in a nursery or as an accent wall. 

When in Doubt, Go Large-Scale
One of the things we picture when we think old, outdated florals are tiny patterns. This was part of the problem that added to our distain for these patterns. The new florals that are back and better than ever are mostly large scale patterns which differentiates them from the others. These photos show two great examples of large scale florals that added to the spaces in a major way. 

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