Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Winter Reno - Brushed Nickel, Bronze, etc. How to Choose a Finish

Brushed Nickel
Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors

Brushed nickel is a beautiful choice that many are going with for its clean and sleek look. Many older homes and buildings had brass hardware throughout and people are switching them out for nickel to give their homes an overall upgrade. It is a nice, softer alternative to chrome as well as being much easier to keep looking clean!

Oil Rubbed Bronze

For those who feel brushed nickel is a little to contemporary or cold feeling for their taste, oil rubbed bronze is another great option. This choice can work well with many different styles, including traditional which is why it has a large appeal. Keep in mind mixing finishes is certainly not off limits either. Just because you have brushed nickel hardware on all of your kitchen cabinets and faucet doesn't mean you cant have a beautiful oil rubbed bronze light fixture as well.
Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors

Antique Brass

Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors

Antique brass has made a comeback in recent years as a great finish choice. This is a great way to have a bit of a vintage feel in your home without making it actually feel dated. Namely, light fixtures in places like your kitchen or dining room are ideal places to work in this on-trend finish.  This is another finish that can be mixed in with others with ease! 


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