Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How to Keep from Splurging too Much on your Holiday Decor

DIY Holiday Words 


If you are like us, you want to go holiday decor shopping crazy every year around this time. These are 3 DIY holiday decor ideas that will save you from spending big bucks. This first idea is such a cute and simple one. All you need is to go to your local craft store and buy the letters that make up your favorite holiday word or phrase. Make sure the word has an “O” in it, like Joy or Noel. Then the “O” in the word is simply a small, inexpensive wreath! Try to pick out letters in different sizes, colors, or textures for a unique look!


DIY Sparkle Branches


This next DIY holiday decor project is another super inexpensive and easy one! These DIY sparkle branches can be used in so many different ways. You can pop them in your tree for some added interest, place them in tall thin vases, or incorporate them into a centerpiece just to name a few! All you need to make them are branches (real or fake), silver spray paint, and silver glitter! 


DIY Stenciled Signs

Holiday themed signs like these can be pricey when you buy them ready made. You can save quite a bit of money by simply making them yourself. Palette wood + stencils + acrylic paint are the 3 things you need to tackle this simple holiday DIY! These are both great examples of holiday signs people have made themselves that you can use for inspiration!


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