Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How to Organize your Home for Back-To-School Storage

Backpack / Coat Storage Combo

One way your home can become easily cluttered once back-to-school season hits is by backpacks, shoes, and coats being thrown all over as soon as the kids get home. Creating a designated storage space for these items can easily eliminate this clutter. Giving each child a specific spot for their items makes it easy for them to come in and know exactly where they go without having to take them all the way to their individual rooms, or worse, the floor. 


Command Center

Creating a “command center” in your home is a fabulous way of getting organized, not only for back-to-school, but all year round. This is a place where your calendar, mail, homework, paperwork and any other crucial items can be dropped off in an organized way. Each family has different needs when it comes to what will go in your specific command center, but we have shown some great examples of how others have created them in their homes. 


Designated Work Space


Giving your child/children designated work spaces is a sure fire way of helping them stay organized and on track for back-to-school. This space does not need to be large by any means. By simply giving them an area that they know is theirs will encourage them to stay on task and keep their own space organized. 


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  1. Love the hallway organization with photos on top of the storage unit, charming yet functional space. Very nice illustrations and post.