Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mother’s Day is Soon; Here are our Décor Gift Suggestions

Customized Trays

Trays make a great gift because there are countless uses and spaces for them in any home. Whether you use it on your coffee table or ottoman, in the middle of your kitchen table or island, or even near a wet bar or bar cart. To take this multipurpose gift to the next level you can get it customized for Mom. You can choose to put the families last initial in the center or even the full last name, anything to make it her own is a great option!



Painted Glass Vases

We all know mom’s love gifts that come from the heart and have their loved one’s personal touches on them. This is why hand painted glass vases are a great gift option this Mother’s Day! Simply buy a few vases in her favorite shape and use a few of her favorite colors to paint along the lower half of the vase. One of the simplest designs to create is small multicolored dots like what is shown in one of the photos below. 



Personalized Planter
If your mom is a lover of her garden, getting her a galvanized planter personalized with her name is a fantastic gift for Mother’s Day. This is something she can use for years and she will always be able to think of her children when she sees it in her garden. One place we found that sells planters with personalization is personalcreations.com



For more Mother's Day gift ideas check out this week's video here! >> http://bit.ly/1RPBgln

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